Publication in the Research Series
on Higher Education
K. Edward Renner

Professor Renner received his PhD in 1961 from Northwestern University. He has been a professor in the Departments of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Illinois, Dalhousie University, and at Carleton University. He is a now a Research Professor and consultant in the area of higher education, program evaluation and action-research.

Description and Analysis

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Non-Technical Reports: Higher Education Essay Series (Copies Available)

# 1. Universities must get beyond their demand for "more revenue" (October, 1995).

# 2. Why universities are in trouble (October, 1995).

# 3. The New Age Gap (Jan. 1996; Revised June, 1997).

# 4. Minority and female advantage through affirmative action is an illusion (March, 1996; Updated June, 1997).

# 5. Redefining racial "Tolerance" (March, 1996).

# 6. Racial preference in minority access to higher education. (June, 1996; Revised June, 1997).

# 7. Universities and colleges are on the threshold of change (July, 1996).

# 8. No dollars and no sense: The financial and leadership crisis in higher education (August, 1996).

# 9. Has affirmative action gone too far? Canadian academic women (September, 1996).

#10. The End of the Modern Era: The New Role of Colleges and Universities in the Post-Modern World (October, 1996).

#11. The New Academic Revolution: The 1990s, not the 1960s, will be seen as the decade of revolutionary vision and change (February, 1997).

#12. Why is the One Florida Plan So Divisive? (February, 2000).

Copies of these papers are available upon request from K. E. Renner, 14241 110th Terrace North, Largo, Fl, 33774, (727) 595-3857,