Public Lecture Series

Currently three public lectures are available based on Dr. Renner's major research areas. These are appropriate for professional or special interest groups:

Racial Equality in Higher Education

An analysis of race and enrollment patterns at colleges and universities. Why minorities are less well off now then before affirmative action, and what can be done to achieve racial equity.

The lecture is based on Professor Renner's research on equity in higher education, including his most recent paper which re-defines the terms for the current debate over affirmative action: Equity in Higher Education, Academe, 2003, January-February, 38-43. (This paper  may be view on this web site after its publication in January of  2003) 

The End of the Modern Era

How change in today's world is altering the role and nature of higher education and why colleges and universities are slow to adapt. What should we expect from higher education if we and our children are to be prepared for the future?

The lecture is based on Professor Renner's book, The New Agenda for Higher Education. Detselig Enterprises, Inc. Calgary, Alberta, Canada: 1995.

A Social Action Plan for Confronting Male Sexual Violence

Women and children are far too frequently the victims of male sexual violence. How frequent is male sexual violence and what can be done to create a process of social change?

The lecture is based on Professor Renner's summary chapter of his research series on sexual assault, entitled: "From an Intractable Social Problem to Manageable Social Change," in James Hodgson and Debra Kelly (Eds.), Sexual Violence: Policies, Practices and Challenges. Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing, 2001.