Publications and Papers in the Research Series on
Sexual Assault and Crisis Intervention
K. Edward Renner

Professor Renner received his PhD in 1961 from Northwestern University. He has been a professor in the Departments of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Illinois, Dalhousie University, and Carleton University. He is now a consultant in the area of sexual assault, program evaluation and action-research. For complete information go to

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Renner, K. E., & Park, L. Contradictions in the Legal Doctrine Concerning Child Sexual Abuse. (Copies available) Under editorial review.

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Renner, K. E., Alksnis, C., & Parriag, A. Is logic optional in the courtroom? An examination of adult sexual assault trials. (Copies available) Under editorial review.


Non-Technical Essay Series on Sexual Assault and Child Sexual Abuse:

Renner, E., Alksnis, C., & Park, L. Legal "Discounting" of Violence Against Women and Children.

Park, L., Renner, E., & Alksnis, C. Re-Victimizing Sexual Abused Children in Court.

Alksnis, C. Renner, E., Park, L. Is Logic Optional? Lawyers' Persuasion Techniques Do Not Always Comply with the Rules of Logic.

Copies of these papers are available upon request from K. E. Renner, 14241 110th Terrace North, Largo, Fl, 33774, (727) 595-3857,