Evaluation Research Workshop

Participants at the workshop will learn five basic elements essential for participating in and understanding agency sponsored evaluation research, whether required by external funders or as an internal means for continuous quality improvement.

The workshop will prepare agency personal for accepting and participating in an action-research model of evaluation which is:

Five principles guide an action-research model of evaluation, ensuring that the evaluation process simultaneously serves clients, the community, the public, the organization, and the staff respectively.

Evaluation Research is Essential for Quality Service

Clients are best served by an agency which is sensitive to client needs, and which continuously monitors whether the service intended is the service rendered.

Evaluation Research Should Be Community Centered

The Community is best served when an agency has the information and ability to determine and implement the policies and practices that work best for their clients in their client's time and place.

Evaluation Research Should Support Advocacy

The Public interest is best served when an agency can speak accurately for its clients and contribute in a meaningfully way from a knowledge base to relevant public policy discussions.

Evaluation Research Should Be Inclusive

Organizations functions best when all staff support and participate in achieving corporate goals, values and mission. The knowledge, expertise and the contribution of everyone is necessary for cooperation and teamwork to be rule not the exception.

Evaluation Research Helps Employees Thrive

The Staff are best served when the agency for which they work is well managed, supports innovation and rewards good work.

The workshop will cover these five areas with presentation, discussion and group exercises. The product should be an agency that is prepared to conduct meaningful evaluation research with full cooperation and participation to create a dynamic organization that is flexible and a leader in the field.

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