Professional Development

Three Professional Development Workshops are currently being offered in Dr. Renner's areas of research specialization.

Thirty years of affirmative action in higher education, largely as preferential admissions, has failed, and it has failed at individual institutions.

This workshop is for college and university faculty and administrators who wish to gain a deeper understanding of why affirmative action has been ineffective, and how individual institutions can develop effective strategies for achieving racial equity.

Successful agencies are able to speak knowledgeably about what what they do and about their plans for the future.

Information is the driving force for dynamic agencies that continuously change and evolve in response to external change to provide quality service and advocacy for their clients.

The workshop introduces the action-research model of evaluation which is internally driven and involves the entire organization in a commitment to the value and process of evaluation research.  

Male sexual violence against women and children is "discounted" by the legal process. Discounting takes place when the legal recourse against male sexual violence actually contributes to the problem by excusing or minimizing the violence.

As a result, women and children are denied equality under the law. Learn why and how discounting takes place.

Learn what can be done to publicly document why this is outrageous, how to challenge the legal system, and how to support adult and child survivors through a grass roots plan of local social action.

Racial Equity in Higher Education Workshop

Evaluation Research

Sexual Assault Law Reform